Board Members and Committees

The CareerSource North Central Florida Board is made up of community leaders from the public and private sector who share the goal of developing and sustaining a qualified and effective regional workforce. The board accomplishes this by providing services and opportunities to both employers and job seekers.

Represents Company County Member Term End Committee
1. Private Sector AHS Ventures Alachua Adrian Hayes-Santos  June 30, 2019  Finance
2. Private Sector University Of Florida-HR Alachua John Sun June 30, 2018  Strategy
3. Private Sector Star Import Services Alachua Frank McGeown June 30, 2018  Executive, Finance
4. Private Sector LovEd Alachua Dr. Isabell Springer  June 30, 2019  Strategy
5. Private Sector UF Health Alachua Anna Astengo  June 30, 2019  Legislative
6. Private Sector Painter Masonry Alachua Jim Painter June 30, 2017  Executive, Legislative (Chair)
7. Private Sector Exactech Alachua Cindy Regen June 30, 2017  Finance
8. Private Sector Endoscopy Replacement Parts Alachua John Hartnett June 30, 2018  Youth
9. Private Sector Alachua VACANT
10. Private Sector Capital City Bank Alachua Don Davis June 30, 2018  Executive
11. Private Sector Study Edge Alachua Ethan Fieldman June 30, 2019  Executive (Vice Chair), Finance (Chair)
12. Private Sector North Florida Council for Economic Development; Back & Neck Pain Clinic Bradford Dr. Virgil Berry June 30, 2018
13. Private Sector RBH Wholesale Seasonings Bradford Edythe Robinson June 30, 2018  Strategy
14. Private Sector Home Sweet Bone Bradford Dawn Strickland June 30, 2019
15. Private Sector Tatum Brothers Lumber Bradford Linda Tatum June 30, 2019  Executive, Finance
16. Private Sector Capital City Bank Bradford Patricia Evans June 30, 2017  Executive (Chair), Finance
17. Private Sector Deliverance on Wheels Alachua Kenneth Harden  June 30, 2019
18. Organized Labor Alachua/Bradford VACANT  —  —
19. Organized Labor Alachua County School Board Alachua/Bradford Dr. Gunnar Paulson June 30, 2019  Youth
20. Joint Labor-Management Apprenticeship Program Gainesville Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Alachua/Bradford Shawn Graves  June 30, 2018  Youth, Strategy
21. Community Based/Veterans American Legion Haisley Post 16 Alachua/Bradford Vickie Van Buren June 30, 2018  Strategy
22. Community Based Reichert House/BOLD Alachua/Bradford John Alexander June 30, 2019
23. Community Based/Employment Gainesville Job Corps Center Alachua/Bradford Delphine Jackson June 30, 2018  Youth
24. Community Based Grace Marketplace Alachua/Bradford Jon DeCarmine June 30, 2019
25. Adult Education Bradford Union Technical Center Alachua/Bradford David Harris June 30, 2019  Youth
26. Higher Education Santa Fe College Alachua/Bradford Dr. Jackson Sasser June 30, 2017  Legislative
27. Vocational Rehabilitation Vocational Rehab Alachua/Bradford Yovancha Lewis-Brown June 30, 2019
28. Local Planning Commission Alachua County Commission Alachua Lee Pinkoson June 30, 2018  Strategy
29. Private Education EdutainmentLIVE/ITProTV Alachua/Bradford Tim Broom June 30, 2019
30. Local Planning Commission  Bradford County Commission Bradford  Ross Chandler  June 30, 2018  Strategy
31. Public Assistance Organization Department of Children and Families Alachua/Bradford Cheryl Twombly June 30, 2017  Youth
32. Public Housing Alachua County Housing Authority Alachua/Bradford Kali Blount June 30, 2017  Legislative
33. Economic Development & Higher Education Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN) Alachua/Bradford Dug Jones June 30, 2017  Executive, Strategy (Chair)

Last Updated: December 2016